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  • Meet Hello-X

    PRO Custom Fit Earbuds

    Hi-Fi earbuds with unparalleled fit and sound.

  • Next Generation of World Class Audio

    HI-FI is new standard - and Hellox delivers. Preorder now for 15% off!

  • Our Models

    The Hellox team worked with sound engineers and world class musicians to create earphones that would meet the needs of different listeners - suitable for listening to a wide range of music from EDM to acoustic. Check them out below!


    For the classic music lover, Daisy handles a wide range of frequencies from a high treble to a low bass.


    With a booming bass, Kurt is for the Rock and Roller in you. With a wide frequency range, it's made for low frequencies and tenors.


    Designed for top musicians and music lovers, Vera gives you top listening experience with low distortion and wide frequency response for clear vocals and instrumental music. 

  • FAQ

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    What comes with my Hellox Pro purchase?

    • Headphones
    • Pluggable cable
    • Adapter
    • Cleaning rod and surface cleaner
    • Compact lambskin case

    When can I expect my Hellox Pro?

    We'll be shipping our first batch Fall 2016. For weekly updates on our production process, please subscribe to our newsletter below.